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These were our artists and their work back in 2014,
shown here for historical interest

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Yvonne is based just near Cornwall in Totnes in Devon, where her work is inspired by
the nature she finds there: rolling hills, flowers, moors. Her oil paintings (often with
other mixed media) are full of life and vibrancy and lift the spirit!

Yvonne wanted to be in St Ives and she picked Imagianation gallery for its
atmosphere, location and lighting. Her first delivery of original work sold out in 2 days!
Yvonne's name and fame precede her following sell-out exhibitions and we invite
you to keep in touch with the work we have on show by her.

More about Yvonne Coomber at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Introducing to St Ives, local secret part-time resident, almost unknown here, but with
huge world-wide sales of no less than 9000 paintings over 30 years from his other base near London. On the right is only one of his vivid and varied styles.
It's a great pleasure to be offering his work in St. Ives. He used to come down to get
away from painting... John's pictures leap off the wall with their crisp compositions and sense of peaceful space, where less really is more.
We have his boat styles, houses, 'bendy houses' specially for St Ives, and silver birch styles
in stock - fantastic value from a much loved UK artist.

More about John Horsewell at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Izumi’s work simply has to be seen - prints and internet images do not give the experience. Sometimes small crowds gather in the narrow street to gaze at whichever picture of hers we have just put in the window!
Her paintings shimmer with light and energy, partly due to the natural ingredients such
as ground seashells and spring water from the sacred wells that she mixes with her paint,
as well as the life she gives to the paintings by allowing herself to become
so quiet that she can hear her deepest spiritual promptings.
We are so happy to offer not only her collectable originals, but also her growing range of beautiful but affordable prints and cards, prepared by Izumi herself. Special energy from magical St Just.

More about Izumi Omori at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
Jon is a Cornish-born wildlife artist. He has created a riveting and unique style of animal art, creating shading and texture from smaller drawings of other animals within the main drawing.
He uses the finest 0.1mm nib that fits in an Isograph indian ink pen.
His pictures take a long time! He has picked his first few species for their different appeals – “the otter for its friendly face, the heron for its stealth-like posture and the kingfisher for its royal magnificence.” His Otter picture took months to draw and has been enormously admired by both professional artists and visitors to our gallery.
More about Jon Tremaine at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Dick has loved painting all his life. Born 1981, he has already lived a full life as an
actor and a musician but as an artist he excels in creating such unique
styles; there must be so much more to come from him in the career he has chosen.

Click on the picture to the right or on his name on the left to see what we mean.
He lives in St Ives during the summer and in Devon in the winter. Imagianation gallery
is very happy that he has chosen us as his outlet for his
St Ives collection and others in the future.

More about Dick Smith at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Doug is a larger than life Cornishman with a larger than life imagination!
Local landscapes populated with seagulls doing their
worst and holidaymakers at their wackiest best!
Doug paints live in our gallery during the busier seasons
and loves to include you or your family in your own special painting!

More about Doug Hinge at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
A Cornish artist in his early 20's with a wonderful talent.
Kit lives and paints near The Lizard, the most southerly point of Cornwall,
and uses interesting things he finds washed up on the wild shores to add feeling,
texture and even be the basis of his work.
More about Kit Johns at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
Sally spends time in her idyllic Mousehole cottage as well in
the green Herts/Bucks countryside. Rich feelings for both waves and orchards
through lavish paint textures - enjoy her lovely range of work.
More about Sally Bassett at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
We fell in love with Mary's wild but elegant seascapes, landscapes and people.
Her textures evoke Cornwall's dangerous beauty so perfectly.
More about Mary Allen at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
Steve is a well-known and talented local artist, whose beautiful luminous landscapes
and abstracts we are very proud to offer.
We have a range of his lovely paintings and mounted prints.
Steve Slimm

Chris's Raku pots are exceptionally beautiful.
Every pot is different, not only colours but the range of shapes and sizes.
But above all, they are fantastic value for money and we are absolutely delighted to
be able to offer you such lovely art to
grace your home.

Chris Hawkins Raku Pot
Glazed & Amazed

Raku animals - do they share the same kiln as Chris? They do! - Chloe Harford and
Chris Hawkins are partners, Chloe making these irresistible animals. They do not
stay long in our shop when we are lucky enough to have some in stock, but it is
worth a try to call us to see if we have the one you want.

No problem to send an animal by post. Give one a home immediately!
Click to see the full range.

Glazed and Amazed Raku Animals at Imagianation Gallery, St Ives

Robert lives and works on The Lizard, the most southerly point of the UK...

More about Laura Hodgson at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Laura has been painting all her life.
She has evolved her own strikingly original textures and media choices
to evoke the Cornish landscape as vividly and successfully as any we've seen.
Click to see her paintings in gorgeous detail.

Laura is just starting out as a full time artist and we recommend collecting
her remarkable work now before her fame and fortune push up her prices!

More about Laura Hodgson at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
Another undiscovered treasure of West Cornwall, we are very happy to bring to St Ives Adrian's visionary type of art. Adrian is fascinated by man's instinctive reactions to nature which have created legends, folklore and forms of worship over the ages.
His beautiful and varied paintings show many aspects of this relationship.
Adrian's originals, such as the shimmering picture of the sacred well at Sancreed, repay
endless hours of quiet contemplation, as figures and feelings arise from the swirls of paint.
Adrian has produced sets of cards, prints and also a book of
his pictures with inspired verses for each.
More about Adrian Smith at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Andrea is an artist whose work is characterised by energy combined with sensitivity.

Some of her work is based on the gorgeous and exotic animals at
Paradise Park, near St Ives. But too many interesting pictures to
describe here - you'll have to click and see.

And no seascapes!

More about Andrea Carr at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Mike Boyer has produced some beautiful prints, printed to a very high standard, which
have been very popular in our gallery.

His picture shown on the right, 'eg elska pig' (which means 'I Love You' in Icelandic!), has
been one of our best selling prints since we started to stock it.

Click to read MIke's interesting artist statement, and to see his
collection, which we look forward to expanding soon.

More about Mike Boyer at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Med is an extraordinary and special St Ives voice. Med's pictures are created from
his own unique vision of life, his sense of the past and his
understanding of how we interact with a work of art.
He starts with paints made from natural materials such a cavemen could
have used, and probably did. He evolves images from a collection of
tiny segments, and his full vision only emerges after hours of gentle study.

You will never see pictures like this again and Med is becoming most sought after by
collectors of rare and fascinating styles of art.

More about Med Reynolds at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives

Laure was born in France to a French father and English mother.

She now lives and paints in Devon. Her work is gentle, drawing you into
a magical landscape where your thoughts and feelings can
take off and explore like butterflies.

More about Laure Bury at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
Stephen works at The Tate and you won't need to bother to go there when we can offer
his fascinating abstracts at imagianation!
Stephen is inspired by the feelings and patterns of the wild west cornish landscapes near his studio just outside Penzance, where his paintings are based on many years of St Ives tradtion and much time spent training with the past masters of the famous Schools here.
His pictures are bold, colourful and fascinating, and will give you endless
food for thought and reflection.
Stephen Prince

Gail is a local artist born in St Ives. Her life long passion for painting has won her many admirers and is very much in evidence in the exciting new series she is
painting especially for imagianation.
Gail's pictures are fun as well thoughtful, and her seascapes are both peaceful and
passionate... and if you know her, that is precisely what you would expect!
Gail also works at The Tate; she is influenced but brings her inimitable style to all she does.

Gail Warner-Pryce

Do you think from her name that Lamorna is Cornish? No prizes! This lovely lady hails from Falmouth, where she returned from a spell up-country in her 20's developing her talents and experience: Art College, film, TV and fashion world. But Cornwall has an overwhelming call and Lamorna returned to the inspiration of the sea, surf, scenery and people where she plans to stay.
Though she does enjoy a fling with figure work from time to time!
Married this year and baby due next July - congratulations from us! - we look forward to enjoying all the lovely work to come in the future.
Her very affordable prints make a great start to collecting her work.

More about Lamorna Penrose at Imagianation Gallery,
 St Ives
Alan makes the most beautiful local images on wood, using his unique woodburning skills.
His pictures are most carefully composed before he sets hot iron to wood...
How does he find the time, what with all that St Ives life to chronicle for us in his poetry?
Catch him organising the much enjoyed acoustic music and poetry nights,
Wednesdays at The Crow Rooms.
Alan Shepherd
Yes, a watercolourist among the oils and abstracts! Steve has been painting all his
life and first went to art school at 16. Now settled in St Ives, he is painting a series of pictures especially for us that have a distinctive take on the famous views, creating something special for people looking for a traditional yet original present for themselves!
Catch him singing his great songs on Fridays at the Kettle...
Watercolour harbour

Brad is a real blacksmith, traditional yet modern, and It's a pleasure to see the creations he makes in his forge, hammering life and form into bars of humble steel. We are honoured to be able to offer the series of unique metal sculptures that Brad is making for us at imagianation - larger work for collectors as well as surprisingly affordable seahorses and candlesticks to pop in your bag to take home. People have scoured St Ives and picked a Brad Seahorse as the most unique and interesting reminder of their visit here.

Brad Dillon
The only photographer in our gallery! But what a photo - one of those rare
pictures where a photograph does a more unique job than a painting.
Lee is a multi-award winning sports action photographer and he had the equipment
and reactions to capture a perfect moment in time over St Ives.
Click on his name for more details.
LeeMills rainbow detail

Jacs is based in West Cornwall and is inspired by her life there, either 'without', in the sea surfing, or 'within' in the worlds of yoga, crystal healing and magical legends.
She creates beautiful colours, textures, and visions; come and see all of her
images on the different types of media she embraces.
Yet more energy from the magical St Just area - better go there and get
charged up while you are in the area!

Lotus transformation picture